The Archway Recovery It program is designed to be the next step in the continuum of care for individuals completing a primary substance abuse program and/or individuals who are struggling with chronic relapse.

For the newcomer to sobriety, we also offer an additional two week primary component which equips the client to be prepared to enter into the Program.

The staff of Archway Recovery Center understands the importance of meeting every client where they are in order to assist them in moving forward in the recovery process.

Our program focuses on three areas necessary for the development of a healthy recovery lifestyle.

These three areas include:

  1. Clients will work with counselors to assess their current understanding and status regarding the 12 Step program. Clients will develop a practical application of the 12 Step philosophies in their daily life.

  2. Clients will develop the ability to recognize elements of dysfunctional life skills and the role they often play in addictive behavior. Clients will develop healthy coping skills necessary for continued growth and maintenance of a recovery lifestyle.

  3. Clients will recognize both recovery and relapse as an ongoing process. Our approach includes emphasis on developing a strong recovery lifestyle as the best deterrent to relapse.

Our Program is an eight to ten week intensive outpatient program. Our clients attend lectures and process groups three days a week for a minimum of ten hours per week.

Each group session starts with a daily reading from the "Just for Today" book published by Narcotics Anonymous. Clients are given the opportunity to process the reading.

The educational lectures review and renew the client's understanding of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as well as offering life management skills.

We offer extensive life skills group sessions which include anger/stress management, decision making and anxiety and depression. We also offer interpersonal relationship skills which focus on codependency and boundary issues.

We provide family education and process groups. These group sessions equip our clients to be able to manage life and relationships in a constructive and honest manner.

In order to assist our clients with their ongoing recovery, Archway Recovery Center offers a weekly aftercare meeting. Following completion of the program, clients are encouraged to attend these meetings for as long as necessary.

Our desire is to help facilitate recovery in all life areas. We have a list of halfway houses in our area. We have a contract with The Inn of the Hills Resort in Kerrville, Texas, and The River Road Bed and Breakfast in Hunt, Texas.

Archway Recovery Center accepts all major credit cards and works with most insurance companies.

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