Who is MAP

MAP Accountability Services. LLC is an innovative and sophisticated organization that is the creator of the revolutionary 12-step based MAP Program.

Through its Monitoring and Accountability Program, MAP is changing the field of recovery by successfully detecting early relapse behaviors and course correcting before a substance use event occurs.

The Archway MAP Program can significantly enhance recovery rates and deliver unparalleled quality recovery support to participants internationally.

MAP's innovative characteristics lie in the combined use of leveraging clinically developed technology with trained Program Specialists to deliver comprehensive and superior recovery support.

The Archway MAP Program

Archway MAP Program Highlights:

  • Effectively detects and course corrects early relapse behaviors
  • Real-time recovery analysis by clinically designed, state-of-the-art software
  • Receive monitoring and recovery support from an assigned highly-trained MAP Specialist
  • Offers a minimum of 200 participant contacts throughout the year
  • 4 toxicology screenings with the ability to include more 5e
  • 12 monthly MAP Reports™ that include narrative and graphical tracing of client progress and activity
  • Phone and video conference based support with MAP Specialists for client and loved ones
  • Implements a safety net and a plan of action in the event of complete and total relapse
  • Gender specific monitoring

Archway MAP Program Objectives:

  • Detect and course correct hallmark relapse and enabling behaviors
  • Reinforce a healthy program of recovery composed of meeting attendance, step work, having a sponsor, service work, etc.
  • Encourage and reinforce rigorous honesty, and integrity and other vital recovery behaviors
  • Transition clients into a balanced life of sustainable, long-term sobriety
  • Effectively remove unhealthy policing and enabling from the family system

Identifying and Preventing Relapse

The primary objective of the Archway MAP Program is to detect early relapse behaviors in alcoholics/addicts and course correct before substance use occurs.

Relapse begins as a mental process that manifests as behaviors long before substance use resumes; substance use is simply the final act in total and complete relapse.

The Archway MAP Program is specifically designed to detect hallmark relapse behaviors like: missed therapy appointments, insufficient meeting attendance, dishonesty, integrity issues, missed commitments, problems within home and family life and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

By aggregating this vital information from a variety of independent sources, the MAP Specialists are able to draw informed conclusions about the actual state of the client's recovery and take customized corrective action to get them back on course.

While ultimately the decision to embrace sobriety is in the hands of the addict/alchoholic, the Archway MAP Program is pivotal in orchestrating and environment for lasting recovery from the disease of addiction.